Jesus, Joseph and Mary! —

I hear people say this a lot, seemingly to be a replacement for cursing. The ten commandments say not to take the Lord’s name in vain, such as is the case when the name of Jesus or God is used to blatantly curse. From what I can see, this saying is supposed to be a way to not curse. But come on — let’s not fool ourselves — it’s still taking the Lord’s name in vain, just in a different way. When people use this expression, they are really just using Jesus’ name for a purpose that is probably mundane and unimportant. Is using a word that you claim to hold sacred for the banal and crude purpose of expressing surprise, or whatnot, really much better than cursing in the name of Jesus?



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Gary N.

I am an aspiring blogger who is passionate about sustainability and my inner walk with God and Cosmos.

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